The Saga of a D-Day Paratrooper in Normandy, His Rifle, and His Family's Quest of Discovery

Private Martin Teahan

Uncle Matty Comes Home

Private Martin Teahan of HQ Company, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, (PIR) 82nd Airborne Division, died on June 6, 1944, near a church in Picauville, Normandy. On the first day of the Invasion of Normandy, while scouting a position, he was shot in the leg, captured, and then killed by a German soldier who thought he was reaching for a weapon. A few days after D-Day, a French farmer in the area found an M1 Garand rifle with the name M. Teahan engraved on the butt of the rifle. No one knew what the farmer did with the rifle for 72 years until it was discovered in February 2016 by an active duty French Army Paratrooper Commander named General Patrick Collet.

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Uncle Matty Comes Home

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